Cash House Buyer | Relocating Schedule/Timeline

Cash House Buyer | Relocating Schedule:Timeline

Moving home can take a lot of planning, usually several weeks in advance of your move. It’s not just about packing everything up. You may need to do repairs on the home or renovations before selling it. Saying that, each move is different and some homeowners may not have a lot of time to plan for a move. In these situations, going with a cash house buyer can be helpful because they can sell your home quickly and will take it as is. If you have the time to plan though, we have a good timeline for you to follow to make it less stressful.

When to Start Planning

Planning should start at least 2 months before the actual move date. This gives you plenty of time to take care of everything you need, from making the house sale ready to getting your roots set up where you are moving to. It’s easiest to break this down in weeks.

Week One (8 weeks before the moving day)

Use this week to get yourself organized. It can be really helpful to have a designated folder and notebook to keep any moving-related documents and information on hand. You should also use this week to start going through each room of the house to separate what you want to take with you, what you want to donate, and what you are going to throw out. Here are some other things to do during that first week:

  • Setup your moving budget
  • Research moving companies or the cost of Uhaul trucks if you’re moving yourself. Make sure you shop around to get a few estimates to choose from.
  • Plan for any repairs that need to be done.

If you are going to be moving during one of the busy periods of the year, summer and spring, or on a weekend, you may need to book your date in advance.

Week Two (7 weeks before the moving day)

This is the week to get the supplies you will need for moving, such as boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other supplies. You can also use this week to shift those items you are donating, or have a garage sale. This is also a good time to get all of your important documentation together, which includes requesting school records, doctor and dental records, and anything you will need to pass on to your new providers once you have moved.

Week Three (6 weeks before the moving day)

You should have booked your moving company at this point. If you have pets moving with you, make sure you take them in for a checkup and have all of their vaccinations up to date. Make sure to request their medical records so you have them handy when you choose a new veterinarian.

Week Four (5 weeks until the moving day)

Use this week to finish donating the things you aren’t taking with you, or are getting rid of. Some moving companies will have a list of items they don’t allow, such as any hazardous material. Arrange for their disposal, as well as anything else you aren’t taking with you. You should plan any repairs that need to be done if you haven’t already.

Week Five (4 weeks before the moving day)

Only one month to go until the big day! This is the week you start packing, so start with the items that you won’t need over these next 4 weeks. Keep your boxes labeled so you know what goes where. Also, set up those essentials boxes for the things you will need right away. It can help to break it down by room and make a list. For example, have an “open first” kitchen box with cleaning and cooking essentials.

Also, use this week to call your utility companies so accounts are closed on moving day, and new ones are open when you get to your new home. Cancel subscriptions, memberships, and make your arrangements for the move, such as mapping out a route if you are driving, or getting flights booked if you are flying. If you are renting, make sure you notify your landlord this week.

Week Six (3 weeks until the moving day)

More packing and this is the week to alert the post office of your address change so your mail gets redirected on time. Make sure you have contacted your bank, insurance, legal, and financial providers as well.

Week Seven (2 weeks before the moving day)

It may have been stressful for the past couple of weeks, but this week is good for spending some quality time with friends and family. And one more thing, keep packing. If you are going to be driving, have your car checked out to make sure it’s in good working order for the move.

Week Eight (1 week before the moving day)

This week you will be finishing up your packing, making sure your essential boxes are in order. Confirm your plans with your moving company or vehicle rental company. Cleaning should also be done a week before you move. A couple of days before the move, clean out your cupboards and make sure you have defrosted your freezer and refrigerator. Make sure you get a good night’s rest the night before your big move. On moving day, make sure you do that last sweep of the home to be sure nothing is forgotten. Have your moving folder with you and a bag or two of things you will need in the evening at the new home.

It can be a hectic time when you move home but worth it in the end. Keep in mind, if you don’t have the time and need to sell your home fast, contact a cash house buyer like ourselves. It can cut out things like making repairs because we buy homes as they are.

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